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What is Amaro?

AMARO drawing1.jpg

Amaro means bitter in Italian. At its most straightforward, it is a liqueur. But unlike most other liqueurs, it is bolstered with a bitter backbone. It also typically, has dozens of ingredients. And you would be hard-pressed to get any Amaro maker to tell you what ingredients those are.


Italians traditionally imbibe amaro after a meal for its digestive qualities. There are also some aperitif bitters that are not quite technically considered amaro as they are ingested before a meal (for their palate-awakening properties).

When enjoyed before eating, bitter drinks stimulate the palate and allow it to better taste all the nuances of the food to come. 

When enjoyed after eating, bitter drinks help activate the enzymes that our digestion relies on. 

Before or after, we feel there is no wrong time to enjoy amaro!

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