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Our Lineup

We simply love Amaro. And though we have found so many that are great for a certain time and place, we have never come across any that were specifically of  a time and place. 

That is what we strove to create with SennzaFinne. We focused on utilizing ingredients that are indigenous to the greater Cascadia Region. We then crafted recipes that would be an expression of each of the four main seasons of Cascadia.

Amaro No.1 - SPRING

Bright, fresh, & vegetal, Spring celebrates the plants bursting forth from their winter slumber. With a gorgeous natural color evoking the mosses of our local rainforest, it captivates with notes of lovage and lemon balm with the freshness of pea shoots. Floating on a nose of spring flowers, it is anchored by a bright bitterness highlighted with Cascade hops.

Spring plays nicely with gin and other clear spirits. It also jives well with  citrus forward cocktails. Something as simple as adding soda and a slice of cucumber to Spiring could soon be your new favorite aperitif. 

Spring WEB.jpg
Summer WEB.jpg

Amaro No.2 - SUMMER

A luscious harvest of summer berries is anchored by a backbone of Hyssop and Gentian. A concert of Citrus Peel gives way to a bouquet of wild fennel that lingers throughout. The wispy florality of lavender and rose hips keeps you wanting more. 


Summer cries out for a spritzer! Whether it be soda, sparkling wine, or whatever canned malt beverage someone left in your fridge last BBQ.

Amaro No.3 - AUTUMN

A forager's dream, Autumn is a celebration of the forest floor. Loaded with roots, barks, and earthy notes of mushroom, leaving a healthy dose of orange peel to catapult the warming spices within.


Autumn loves brown spirits and is quite at home in any Old Fashioned or Manhattan variation. But feel free to spike your hot apple cider. You'll be glad you did. 

Autumn WEB.jpg
Winter WEB.jpg

Amaro No.4 - WINTER

What to do when nothing is growing? Winter digs down deep and finds it's robust heart among roots, spices, and toasted hazelnuts. And in casting a nod to the short grey days of the Northwest winter, coffee marches in to revive our faltering motivation.


Pair it with Scotch or your favorite sipping spirit, or just dip a cigar in it and revel in the smokey notes that waft throughout. 

Amaro No.5 - ALWAYS

Our departure from regional and temporal constraints, Always is a celebration of all our favorite distant ingredients. Hibiscus, Sarsaparilla,  Lemongrass, and Ginger tantalize as they dance around the bouquet. The notes seem to carry on forever.


Always makes fast friends with Mezcal, Rum, and Cachaça. Or just pour it on the rocks and stretch it with tonic or your favorite bubbles. 

Always WEB.jpg
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